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Gold Wood, the audio arm of 3 visual artists

GOLD WOOD is a musical group comprised of 3 artists: CIA, $$$ (aka MARS) and urbanyetti.


Label: Self-Released / Fuck It Up Records

Genre: UP Rock (Underground Polyelectronic Rock)

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Inspired by punk, funk, dub, hip hop, psychedelic, indie, electronic, and rock forms in music, GOLD WOOD forges their own sound from all these mega influences combined.

Dubbed "UP Rock" or "Underground Polyelectronic Rock", for the heavy underground sound influence, they compose their music with the use of pounding electronic beats, dense bass rifts, sonically distorted guitars, and lyrically mesmerizing vocals. 

Their albums have been described as a curated playlist of beat-induced eclectic soundscapes where the common denominator between tracks becomes the grit and pow! put into each original song. 


Artists and musicians, the triad met at the San Francisco Art Institute during their MFA program and have since collaborated on multiple music projects, live shows, art shows, DJ sets and epic house parties. 

The band is currently celebrating the release of their third independently produced and first crowd-sourced album: Stereo Monoxide Ride.

Truly independent artists, currently they operate free of any record label and have FULL control of their creative process and all of their content.


Front Brigade: CIA

Secondary Artillery: $$$ and urbanyetti



GW III: Stereo Monoxide Ride

Following up their impressive earlier works “In Gold Wood” and “Godeus”, L.A.-based multimedia collective/audio strikeforce Gold Wood return with another compelling batch of next level dub-rock. A bewildering landscape of hallucinatory distortion, mesmeric basslines, rat-a-tat 808 beats, and phantasmagorical vocals, Stereo Monoxide Ride is a voyage into the future of music, where simple genres cease to exist and anything goes.   -Brolin Winning