GW Radio Fire Mix #016 %22HOLLAH!-WEEEEN!! Mix!!!%22%22.jpg

Gold Wood Radio Fire Mix 016 ::


Eeets Spooky Scary! Eeets Soooo Eeeeariely Haaaaoooowling!! Eeets DJ EYEVAN tha EARrietator and his Ghoulish HOLLAH!-WEEEEN!! Mix!!!

Keeping up with our GW Radio Special Guest DJ installment, here is none other than the spectacular, the titalatin, earritatin, beerratatin, seriously gyratin, R-rated, sonically fated, ill-a-crated, it’s Eeeeeeeeeeyevvvaaaaaaaan the Eeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrritatoooorrrrrrr!

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Order of track selection: Eyevan The Earritator 


01.Amon Tobin | In Your Own Time (Eprom Remix) - Cuts by DJ Dos

02.eLan | Saccharin On Top (DJ Pound Remix)

03.Lord RAJA | Zerulean

04.Invisibl Skratch Piklz | Black Hole vs. Brown Hole

05.Lorn | Kold Mirage

06.Death Grips | Lock Your Doors

07.Loefah | Disko Rekah

08.Slugabed | Infinite Wave

09.Illum Sphere | Psycho

10.Free the Robots | Innervision

11.Decap | Spark

12.DJ Shadow | Building Steam with a Grain of Salt (Bondax & Karma Kid Remix)

13.Sisyphus | Rhythm of Devotion

14.Flako | Hole in the Dark

15.Ruckazoid | Money

16.The Bug | Fuck a Bitch (feat. Death Grips)

17.Mono/Poly | Los Angeles

18.Flying Lotus | Sultan's Request

19.Eyevan The Earritator | Jungle Boy featuring Tembu

20.Eprom & Barclay Crenshaw | Crawled Eagle

21.Evian Christ | Salt Carousel

22.Mr. Carmack | Felt Nothing Today

23.Falside | Telepathetic

24.D-Styles | Clifford's Mustache

25.Ho99o9 | United States of Horror