GOLD WOOD Fire Mix #001 %22First Mix%22.png

Gold Wood Radio Fire Mix 001 ::

First ever GOLD WOOD Fire Mix! Hear it here first, only on Gold Wood Radio!!! 

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Order of track selection: CIA, urbanyetti, $$$


1.Famous (CIA) | Kanye West

2.Cargo Culte (urbanyetti) | Serge Gainsbourg

3.Helter Skelter ($$$) | The Beatles

4.Fire (urbanyetti) | Vince Staples

5.Freezing Process ($$$) | Quicksand

6.Borders (CIA) | MIA

7.No Tears (CIA) | Tuxedo Moon

8.Black Judas (urbanyetti) | Darrel Jennifer

9.Back to Nature ($$$) | Fad Gadget