Gold Wood Radio Fire Mix 004 ::

"GOLD WOOD For President" - This Election Day, get out and vote....for Gold Wood. Another all vinyl radicalized mix from Gold Wood, with C.I.A., urbanyetti, and $$$ (yes, in that order) each taking turns on the 1's and 2's to help alleviate your Election Day blues.

GOLD WOOD Fire Mix #004 %22GOLD WOOD For President%22.jpg

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Order of track selection: CIA, urbanyetti, $$$


1.Reagan (CIA) | Killer Mike

2.Freedom (urbanyetti) | Charles Mingus

3.Chocolate City ($$$) | Parliament

4.All Coltrane Solos at Once (CIA) | Saul Williams

5.Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos (urbanyetti) | Public Enemy

6.Wake Up ($$$) | Rage Against the Machine

7.Justice Tonight/Kick It Over (CIA) | The Clash

8.Mr. Cop (urbanyetti) | Gregory Isaacs

9.Politician ($$$) | Cream

10.Alright (CIA) | Kendrick Lamar

11.Destroy Babylon (urbanyetti) | Bad Brains

12.Election Day ($$$) | Life Sentence

13.Anarchy in the USA (GW) | Sex Pistols

14.Subliminal (CIA) | Suicidal Tendencies

15.Legalize It (urbanyetti) | Peter Tosh

16.Money Money Money ($$$) | Horace Andy