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Gold Wood Radio Fire Mix 008 ::

"The Legend of GOLD WOOD III" 

It is written that the seas will rise, and the lands will burn, and all on Earth shall perish... all except those who have journeyed through the GOLD WOOD.  

...tracks that inspired us in the making of GOLD WOOD III...

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Order of track selection: urbanyetti, $$$, and CIA


01. Eddie Hazel | California Dreamin' (urbanyetti)(00:00:00)

02. Beastie Boys | Car Thief ($$$)(00:06:24)

03. DJ Shadow | Mutual Slump [Alternate Take Without Overdubs] (CIA)(00:09:58)

04. Chronixx | Likes (urbanyetti)(00:14:12)

05. DK | Police Truck ($$$)(00:18:26)

06. M.I.A. | Lights (CIA)(00:20:48)

07. Dilla | A3 (urbanyetti)(00:25:14)

08. BDP | Poetry ($$$)(00:27:06)

09. Joy Division | She's Lost Control (CIA)(00:32:04)

10. Horace Andy | Zion Dub Mix (urbanyetti)(00:35:52)

11. Killer Mike | Untitled ($$$)(00:39:34)

12. Blondie | Rapture (CIA)(00:45:38)

13. T.Rex | Bang A Gong (urbanyetti)(00:51:58)

14. El P | Drones Over BKLYN ($$$)(00:56:16)

15. Rihanna | Consideration [feat. SZA] (CIA)(01:01:58)

16. One Last Wish | Break to Broken (urbanyetti)(01:05:40)

17. The Beatles | Tomorrow Never Knows ($$$)(01:07:38)

18. Nirvana | Something In the Way [Live At the BBC] (CIA)(01:10:30)

19. Joey Bada$$ | My Youth (urbanyetti)(01:13:56)

20. Jimi Hendrix | Little Miss Lover ($$$)(01:18:10)

21. Oh Sees | Drowned Beast (CIA)(01:20:28)

22. Public Enemy | The Enemy Assault Vehicle Mix/Medley (GW)(urbanyetti)(01:25:30)