GW Radio Fire Mix #019 “MARCh MaDness”-01.jpg

GOLD WOOD Radio Fire Mix 019 ::

“MARCh MaDness”

LIVE! from Manchester,’s DJ Seven!
Breakin all the rules, all the stereo amps, and all the breaks!

Staying true with our GW Radio Special Guest DJ installment, a deadly mix straight from across the pond!

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Order of track selection: DJ Seven

01. Genaside 2 | Sirens of acre lane (DJ Seven)

02. Secret Desire | Anna Lies (DJ Seven)

03. Shut Up and Dance | Autobiography of a Crackhead (DJ Seven)

04. G Double E | Fire When Ready (DJ Seven)

05. Madlib | Slims Return (DJ Seven)

06. KRS 1 | sound da Police (DJ Seven)

07. Zero 7 Vs Jamie Cullum | Umi Says (DJ Seven)

08. Dj Vadim [feat Sarah Jones] | your revolution (DJ Seven)

09. Aim | No restriction (DJ Seven)

10. Dirty diggers | Don’t know about that (DJ Seven)

11. Microdisiacs | deep Waters (DJ Seven)

12. Mike L | Schrodingers scat (DJ Seven)

13. Izzy Dunn | Big Picture (DJ Seven)

14. Spiral Tribe | Breach Of The Peace (DJ Seven)

15. Mr Scruff | Vibrate (DJ Seven)

16. Broken English | In a Second (DJ Seven)

17. Optimus Prime | data (DJ Seven)

18. Mark b and Blade | getting a rep (accapella) (DJ Seven)