Gold Wood Radio Fire Mix 011 ::

"Cyanotic Mix Mix" 


Well, here it is ya'll. You asked for it, you got it. Our very first GW RADIO GUEST DJ none other than DJ HAND GRANADE. Straight out of Compton and into your brain. 

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Order of track selection: DJ Hand Granade, DJ Hand Granade, and DJ Hand Granade


01. Hosono, Ishikawa, Matsutohya | デイ・ブレイク (Day Break) (DJ Hand Granade) (00:00:00)

02. Ryuichi Sakamoto & The Kakutougi Session | Gonna Go To I Colony (DJ Hand Granade) (00:02:11)

03. Yellow Magic Orchestra | Wild Ambitions (DJ Hand Granade) (00:06:42)

04. Sakamoto | Kohdo Kohgen (The Yellow Soil Plateau) (DJ Hand Granade) (00:11:53)

05. Supersempfft | Let's Beam Him Up (Mudegg edit)  (DJ Hand Granade) (00: 17:11)

06. Hiroshi Sato 佐藤博 | Shiny Lady (Beef Fantasy cover, granade edit) (DJ Hand Granade) (00:24:38)

07. Bobby Caldwell | What You Won't Do for Love (Beef Fantasy Cover) (DJ Hand Granade) (00:29:57)

08. Duncan Mackay | Gin Sing (DJ Hand Granade) (00:33:40)

09. Supersempfft | We Found It Out (DJ Hand Granade) (00:37:44)

10. MALCOLM X / KEITH LeBLANC | No Sell Out (DJ Hand Granade) (00:40:51)

11. Nmesh | Neon Shadows (DJ Hand Granade) (00:43:25)

12. Iam Siam | Talk To Me (I Can Hear You Now) (DJ Hand Granade) (00:46:59)

13. Chayell | Beach (DJ Hand Granade) (00:56:28)

14. Tchoum | Adjoa Matin (DJ Hand Granade) (01:02:22)

15. Boncana Maiga | Koyma Hondo (DJ Hand Granade) (01:08:59)

16. 檸檬lemmon | I am Gaudi (DJ Hand Granade) (01:12:31)

17. Rembert Egües | La Diosa De Ébano (DJ Hand Granade) (01:16:12)