Gold Wood Radio Fire Mix 012 ::

"Summerfire Mixxx 1" 

Boogie Oogie Woogie!

As part of our GW Radio Special Guest DJ installment, here is the spectacular, the effervescent, the iridescent, the sonic selectah, GW's very own...urbanyetti. 

Be chill ya'll! and Be rill!!

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Order of track selection: urbanyetti, urbanyetti, and urbanyetti


01. Ciccone Youth | PlatoonII (urbanyetti)(00:00:00)

02. Neu | Negativeland (urbanyetti)(00:04:07)

03. The Wild Magnolias | (Somebody Got) Soul, Soul, Soul (urbanyetti) (00:13:31)

04. Fugazi | Slo Crostic (urbanyetti) (00:19:07)

05. Iggy Pop | Fall In Love With Me (urbanyetti) (00: 21:28)

06. The Slits | I Heard It Throuhg the Grapevine (urbanyetti)(00:27:55)

07. Gang of Four | Damaged Goods (urbanyetti)(00:31:39)

08. Grace Jones | Pull Up to the Bumper (urbanyetti)(00:35:04)

09. Dennis Coffey | Getting It On (urbanyetti)(00:39:39)

10. Scotty | Draw Your Breaks (urbanyetti)(00:41:59)

11. Family Man | Gideon’s High (urbanyetti)(00:44:47)

12. Junior Parker | Taxman (urbanyetti)(00:47:29)

13. Khruangbin | White Gloves (urbanyetti)(00:51:11)